Rabu, Maret 10

Gudheg Mbak Sasha..

Ten minutes ago, i found my article for LIA wall magazine. It's about culinary. Check this out, darla...

Picture courtesy by jogjazone
Mrs. Sasha established GUDEG MBAK SASHA in the Gejayan in front of Mirota Gejayan,Yogyakarta. It will be open at 9 pm when the market has been closed.
Having good taste of the Javanese traditional food and delicious, gudeg Mbak Sasha with its guaranteed good taste is available. It is made of natural ingredient with no preservative, no coloring agent nor any other chemical material. Using the traditional, special processing technique makes and make it become practically exclusive gift for family, best friends and business partners.
Come and enjoy their service, facility, and tasted menu and find the familiar, warm, antiquated Javanese atmosphere in the Lesehan Gudeg Mbak Sasha.

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